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Wedge15 is a boutique Toronto-based consultancy that re-imagines brands, translating their messages for the experience economy. Co-founded by husband and wife duo Ricardo and Gloria Roheim McRae, they believe in flexible work arrangements, an integrated work-life style, and in purpose-driven business.

After deep diving into understanding a company's business and customers, Wedge15 leverages their team's diverse experiences to build bespoke brand solutions for them. Presenting the concepts to their clients for sign off is a critical part of their work – one the McRae's take seriously. 


"Presentations are the lifeblood of our work. They are more than 50% of our process with a client."



Mobility is crucial to Wedge15. They frequently emerse themselves in a client's location, working out of cafes and private member's clubs to get a flavor of the city. The travel organically influences the creativity that flows into their work – giving them an important edge in their business.

Staying connected, and the ability to present remotely give the McRae's added freedom. Now, thanks to Prezi, they can even lead virtual presentations from their iOS devices. With a simple share, clients can watch their presentations being led in real time, in true high-fidelity – no matter where they are.


"Travel sharpens our ability to translate ideas and messages between disparate groups. We leverage this edge when re-imagning brands with our clients."



The McRae's are driven by details, and can often be found working on their presentations together. Being able to work in the Prezi editor simultaneously significantly streamlines their process – allowing them to spend their energy on the work that matters most: the strategy.

Starting from a blank canvas, they are able to integrate their social media plans, brand strategies, and operation designs off the whiteboard. Zooming into details gives their strategies depth, allowing their clients to visualize their solutions. 



"Prezi's magic lies in its immersive and dynamic experience. There's nothing else like it on the market."


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Follow Gloria Roheim McRae on Twitter @GloriaRoheim, Ricardo McRae @RicardoMcRae.

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