Public speaking is at the core of Edney’s professional life. He regularly travels to conferences, gives lectures, and appears in front of audiences large and small. To ensure that his presentations are topical and relevant, he is constantly updating his content to keep it current.


“For my presentations, I use a variety of sources including articles, books and videos and mix them with my personal experiences.  I like to provide real, practical use cases as part of my lectures."


Connecting with his audience.

Understanding and connecting with his audience is a priority for Edney, and he is committed to listening to and interacting with them in order to convey what is essential and important.

“I am always available to answer questions through my social media channels and email.  Ancillary to this, I take advantage of the contacts generated as a function of the lectures and classes that I conduct to improve my interactions with my audience."

In addition to in-person presentations, Edney also leverages Prezi's mobile features to lead webinars.

“I love working in the cloud: my email, text editor, and contacts are in the cloud so it is a natural extension for me to do my presentations in the cloud.  Prezi, as a cloud-based software, makes beautiful, flowing, dimensioned presentations with great effect that simply cannot be replicated with typical, limited presentation tools."


Pushing the boundaries.

Edney Souza is at the top of his field. A partner at two leading advertising firms in Brazil, Boo-Box Social Media and 00K e-business tools, and a professor at two of the best business schools in the country, FGV and ESPM, Edney certainly has his hands full. He has always been a pioneer—as a programmer in the ‘90s, he was an early pioneer of the internet in Brazil. in 1997, he started his blog,, which was ranked as the most popular Brazilian blog for three consecutive years.

As a trailblazer, Edney is always looking for innovative ways to share his ideas and push the boundaries of his field—and Prezi is the cutting-edge tool that helps him engage his audience and get his message across.

With Prezi, it’s easy for Edney to keep his presentations up-to-date. With the power to edit his presentations on his laptop and tablet, he can make last-minute changes to his content whether he’s in a cab on the way to the venue or standing backstage getting ready to go on.

“Outdated data or concepts undermine the authority and credibility of any speaker and sometimes I do not take my own device to my presentations.  When this is the case, being able to access and edit and update my presentations in real time with Prezi is very useful and keeps my content current."

Whether giving a presentation in-person or online, Edney works to engage every member of his audience. With Prezi, he can put his content in their hands, no matter where in the world they are, and they can follow along on their own devices as he continues to push the envelope.


Follow Edney Souza on Twitter @interney for tips and updates on social media marketing and advertising.

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