"With what I've learned from the amazing photographers I’ve been lucky enough to meet, I knew it was a good time to combine that knowledge with my abilities as a startup founder."

Art Chang's love of photography runs deep. For years he's communicated through his photographs – visually telling the stories behind his subjects. Now with Prezi, Chang can stitch his story together into a larger narrative of opportunity and success. A narrative he hopes to soon share with the world.



As a serial entrepreneur, Art Chang is focused not only on product delivery, but also on finding the right relationships and funding to keep Priime moving forward. For Chang, a compelling pitch needs to inspire potential investors to see what's possible with Priime.


"A pitch should be used to incite imagination. Let the imagination lead to understanding, which is more powerful than words alone."


"Prezi excels in giving context to photos in a presentation and is able to help better explore rich details."



Chang’s experience has taught him a lot about crafting and delivering a compelling narrative. But he also knows first-hand that you have to be prepared and know your content inside-out to succeed in this highly competitive space. 


"Having a wide variety of listeners gives you a good understanding of what things resonate."



After a pitch, Chang can immediately connect with his team to give them the download on the presentation and get everyone working toward updates and next steps. Prezi allows him the freedom to quickly and effectively connect and collaborate with his team remotely - capitalizing on every minute he can.

"I love and trust my team like family. I would go to any length for them."

Follow Art on Twitter @art_chang and request an invite to be among the first to join Priime.

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