Phil Jones joined Brother UK in 1994 as a fax salesman and over a twenty-year career has worked his way up the corporate ladder, being appointed Managing Director in 2013.

Phil uses Prezi for both his conference and internal presentations at Brother UK. His talks provide tips and hacks he’s picked up from years of experience.  His aim is to help small to medium-sized businesses grow, and ultimately increase their demand for Brother products and services – a holistic loop.


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Phil starts his process by understanding his audience - who they are, what they need, and most importantly where he can add value for them. As he brainstorms, he also thinks through themes, key messages, and the take-aways. Then, once all his ideas have been added to the canvas, he starts to build the structure.

"One of the reasons I love using Prezi is that once I put my rough mind map on the canvas, I can then move the content around to create the journey that I want to take people on…"




Phil goes through a long process of tweaking - continuously running through the prezi's flow, messages, and transitions. He perfects his presentation always keeping in mind the original objective for the audience.


"I may see something that’s topical in the news, or think of a completely new idea. The fact that I can make changes on my iPad or the laptop really gives me the creative freedom when and where it suits me."


"There is very rarely a presentation that I am not changing in the final 24 hours."


"Life before Prezi meant that I needed to email the PowerPoint file to the conference organizer a week before the keynote, and couldn’t make changes…"


"Now I am free to review and make changes right up until the last minute before I walk on stage."




"When I finally walk onto the stage, I know that I have the right content for the audience that will give them something of value to take away and implement, all wrapped up in a memorable, impactful prezi."


Follow Phil on Twitter @philjones40 for practical business tips and things you can implement in your business.

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