Litterati’s call-to-action is simple: find a piece of litter; photograph it; post it to Instagram with the hashtag #litterati; and then throw away, recycle, or compost the trash. By crowd-sourcing the cleanup, Jeff hopes that he’ll be able to achieve his vision of a litter-free world. 

Jeff knew that it would take a community to make Litterati successful. He took to stages across the U.S. to tell his story, and to ask for others to join him in his journey. Prezi provided him with an engaging, visual platform that he could use to bring Litterati to life.


Start your revolution


"As images began coming in from all over the world, I realized that I had something with the potential for huge impact."


"Whether it's highlighting areas on a map, or showcasing photos taken by our community, visualization is key."


Visualizing DATA

As people contributed to the #litterati hashtag on Instagram, Jeff began looking at the data—who was picking up what and where. Jeff built a map displaying where all the litter was picked up, and trends began to emerge.

He realized that he could share this data with decision-makers to help them understand how to better allocate resources—like a well-placed trash can or recycling bin.

"Prezi allows me to highlight the most litter-dense parts of the map


"Prezi brings the Litterati story to life. It helps create an emotional connection with our audience."


Joining the Conversation


In addition to sharing where they found the trash, Litterati contributors were often tagging what they were picking up; “Starbucks,” “Coca Cola,” “Marlboro.” That’s when Jeff had his next idea: Litterati could open up a conversation with the brands that appear most frequently in the Instagram photos. Whether that means implementing biodegradable cups or offering free products to people who pick up litter, Litterati is on the cutting edge of redefining responsible eco-business.


With Prezi, Jeff can start a conversation with anyone. With a swipe of his finger, he can begin presenting on his iPad, and his audience can follow along on their own devices, wherever they may be.



"We're all so connected these days, it's easy to forget that we can use those connections to make progress in the world."


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