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Speak with anyone who knows Gina, and they'll tell you she's focused on information and impact. As a librarian at Saint Mary's College of California, Gina doesn’t just make great presentations – she makes connections that enable her students' life-long success.

Student learning takes center stage at Saint Mary's, driven by seminar-style discussion. Rather than delivering bullet points, visual communication tools like Prezi allow teachers to show the relationships between ideas – putting concepts in context with the larger story. 

"You can reinforce your points through visual mapping – connecting even the smallest details to the overall story."


Present Anywhere

Gina's passion for learning isn't just limited to her professional life. Several years ago, Gina and a friend co-founded a conference with a simple mission: "Inspire greatness in those around you." 

Together, they researched basic principles of psychology and human emotion, and designed a conference that was active, intimate, and built upon challenging new experiences. They called it Light/Bright.

What makes Light/Bright especially unique is that attendees – all of whom must present on an assigned theme – don’t know where the conference will be hosted. The invitation shares only a date, a time, the cost, and the initial meeting place – which is almost always just the nearest airport.


“The role of the educator is to open doors, and transform how students process and interact with the world.”


This past year, Light/Bright presenters hiked 12 miles through dramatic river canyons in Zion National Park. In their dry-bag, they packed Prezi for iOS and a pocket projector with them. At night, the canyons became their private stage.

"It's about looking at the world differently. These aren't just canyon walls – they are canvases. They are an invitation to share ideas."



Both in and out of the classroom, Gina lives her ethos: learning shouldn’t stop when you leave school – it should accelerate. With Prezi, Gina can transform any moment into a rich learning experience. 


"You want to be prepared to encourage idea exploration in your students whenever and wherever it happens. Prezi makes this easy."


"We succeed when we inspire learning outside the classroom. Great educators don't just inspire conversation – they inspire action."


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