“I'm almost never in the same place as everyone else from my team, so being able to storyboard scenes or share footage while on location with my producers and editors is key. I need to be able to do it quickly and and in an organized way, and Prezi allows me to do that."

Ryan White spends a lot of time behind the camera. He has directed award-winning documentaries that shed light on powerful topics. His film The Case Against 8, a documentary on the groundbreaking Supreme Court case that overturned California’s ban on same-sex marriage, won awards at Sundance and the SXSW Film Festival and made the Best Documentary Oscar shortlist. His films have been hailed as riveting, expansive, and emotionally charged, thanks to his storytelling prowess. While making his films, Ryan needs to make sure that his entire team is focused on the narrative he wants to share. Prezi’s zooming canvas gives him a space where he can quickly create dynamic storyboards that help him clarify the story and keep everyone on the same page.


Taking stock of the day’s work.

After a long day of shooting, Ryan needs to keep all of his ideas—and footage—organized. At the core of each of his films is a compelling story, and Ryan has to make sure every shot tells this narrative. With Prezi, Ryan can easily import and lay out video files to see what he and his team have captured. Whether he’s on his laptop or his iPad, Ryan can rearrange his clips and perfect the flow of his film without any fuss. No matter where he goes, he always has an up-to-date storyboard in his pocket.

Getting it done in the studio

While working on a project, Ryan needs to make sure his whole team stays up-to-date. He often works with a big team, which means that it can be tough to get everyone in the same place. His HBO producer may be on the studio lot while he’s across town with his editor perfecting a key sequence. When he and his team need to make critical decisions, they can use Prezi to get on the same page—and move forward together. Ryan can start presenting on his own computer, and his producer, editor, and audio guy can all join in on their own devices—iPhones, iPads, or laptops—wherever they may be in Hollywood.


“Being able to access Prezi on my computer, my phone, and my tablet makes it a lot easier to make changes on the go—and since I spend so much time out on shoots, it’s essential to be able to work anywhere.”

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